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Kwara state has an array of incentives for investors ready to invest in the state. The vision for agriculture in Kwara state is for an inclusive commercial agriculture sector that is focused on sustainable value addition in the local economy through a vibrant value chain.

Kwara State is enormously endowed with fertile, arable land and enjoys access to water resources of one of the largest rivers in Africa, the River Niger.

The Kwara State Agriculture Modernization Master Plan

Kwara State Agricultural Modernization Master Plan (KAMP) perfectly
describes the current state of affairs, it further illuminates the
State’s vision for development, and indicates areas and opportunities
for investment and partnership as the anchor for change.

This plan has been set up to serve as a blueprint of strategies as well as facilitate projects that will be implemented in the state in the area of agriculture. Implementation of the Master Plan will:

  • Enable producers to achieve higher levels of productivity and income through the adoption of new technology and management practices.
  • Improve market efficiency at the state, national and international levels within targeted value chains through improved input supply systems and market linkages that offer producer incentives.
  • Develop human and institutional capacity to sustain improvement in economic and food security.
  • Create an enabling business environment that will attract foreign and local investors by improving infrastructure such as integrated storage, packaging and processing facilities coupled with enhanced distribution to the African and global marketplace.
  • Include partnership with academic institutions in research for improved inputs and private organizations for sustainability.
  • Establish the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) microcredit intervention scheme by creating access to inexpensive funds to support, revive and established new businesses;
  • Empower farmers with an increase in value proposition to Off-takers through an Off-Taker Demand-Driven Agriculture (ODDA).

Our biggest export within Agriculture remains; 

The Shonga Farm

Shonga Farm is a multi-million dollar Crop, Cattle, Chicken and Dairy Farm which occupies 13,000 hectares of farmland. Shonga Farm has become one of the largest employers in Kwara State, with over 4,000 farmhands and skilled equipment and processing technicians employed during planting and harvesting seasons. Agricultural outputs from Shonga Farms supply restaurant and catering establishments, supermarket chains and household consumers throughout Nigeria.

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