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While the Legislature is responsible for making laws and the Executive is charged with the implementation of such law, the Judiciary is responsible for the interpretation of the law in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. In line with the doctrine of separation of powers, which is a cardinal feature of a democratic system, the Nigerian Constitution guarantees the independence of the Judiciary.

Kwara State Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is headed by the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice. The Commissioner exercises general direction and control over the affairs of the Ministry. The Attorney General/Commissioner for Justice is assisted by the Solicitor General/Permanent Secretary who is responsible for the administration of the office and for the coordination and execution of approved policy and also ensures the efficiency of staff. 

Next to the Permanent Secretary are the various departmental heads who are Directors. The professional staff of the Ministry comprising State Counsel of various grades are distributed across the departments depending on the volume of work of the departments. The State Counsel reports to their various departmental heads whilst the administrative staff report to the Director of Personnel, Finance and Supply. The Ministry has zonal offices across the State which include Omu-Aran, Offa, Lafiagi, Afon, Osi, Jebba, Igbaja and proposes to establish more zonal offices to make justice accessible to the citizens and residents of the state at the grassroots.

The Kwara State High Court

The High Court is the highest English law court in the State. The State High Court is presided over by the Chief Judge of the State who is assisted by other Judges. There are 23 High courts in Kwara state; 14 in Ilorin the state’s capital and one each in Offa, Erin ile, Igbaja, Omu-Aran, Osi, Lafiagi, Jebba, Afon and Kaiama.

  • Federal High Court, Ilorin.
  • State High Court, Ilorin.
  • High Court of Justice, Offa.
  • High Court of Justice, Erin Ile.
  • High Court of Justice, Osi.
  • High Court of Justice, Omuaran.
  • High Court of Justice, Lafiagi.
  • High Court of Justice, Kaiama.

The Kwara State Magistrate Court

The Magistrate Court is a lower court where all criminal proceedings begin. However, some civil matters may be dealt with at a Magistrate Court, such as family proceedings and such.

Currently there are 40 Magistrate courts in Kwara state;

  • Magistrate court, Shango
  • Magistrate court, Centre igboro
  • Magistrate court, Lake/Oloje
  • Magistrate court, Ganmo
  • Magistrate court, Afon
  • Magistrate/revenue courts (4), GRA
  • Magistrate court, Lafiagi
  • Magistrate court, Patigi
  • Magistrate court, Kaiama
  • Magistrate court, Jebba
  • Magistrate court, Shao
  • Magistrate court, Okuta
  • Magistrate court, Kosubosu.
  • Magistrate court, Osi
  • Magistrate court, Iloffa
  • Magistrate court, Omu aran
  • Magistrate court, Igbaja
  • Magistrate court, Oke onigbin
  • Magistrate court, Oro
  • Magistrate court, Ajasse
  • Magistrate court, Offa
  • Magistrate court, Erin ile
  • Magistrate court, Shaare
  • Magistrate court, Ijagbo
  • Magistrate court, Owu isin/ijara isin
  • Magistrate court, Agbamu.
  • Magistrate court, Shao.

60 Area Courts in Kwara State

  • Upper Area Court 1, No. 1, Ilorin.
  • Upper Area Court 1, No. 2, Oloje
  • Upper Area Court 1, No. 3,  Pake
  • Upper Area Court 1, No. 4, Akerebiata
  • Upper Area Court, Ganmo
  • Upper Area Court, Offa
  • Upper Area Court, Omu Aran.
  • Upper Area Court, Igbaja
  • Upper Area Court, Lafiagi
  • Upper Area Court, Pategi
  • Area Court 1, No. 1,  Ilorin.
  • Area Court 1, No. 2, Ilorin
  • Area Court 1, No. 3, Adewole
  • Area Court 1, No. 1, Osunte Offa
  • Area Court 1, No. 2, Atan-oa, Offa.
  • Area Court 1, Omu Aran
  • Area Court 1, Idofin igbana
  • Area Court 1, Osi
  • Area Court 1, Odo Owa
  • Area Court 1, Eruku
  • Area Court 1, Aiyedun
  • Area Court 1, Obbo Aiyegunle
  • Area Court 1, Oke Onigbin
  • Area Court 1,  Owu Isin
  • Area Court 1, Arandun
  • Area Court 1, Oro
  • Area Court 1, Ajasse Ipo
  • Area Court 1, Igbaja
  • Area Court 1, Oke Ode
  • Area Court 1, Idofian
  • Area Court 1, Afon
  • Area Court 1, Alapa
  • Area Court 1, Bala
  • Area Court 1, Eye nkorin
  • Area Court 1, Lanwa/Bode saadu
  • Area Court 1, Malete
  • Area Court 1, Laduba
  • Area Court 1, Otte
  • Area Court 1, Erin Ile
  • Area Court 1, Igosun
  • Area Court 1, Oke oyi
  • Area Court 1, Lafiagi
  • Area Court 1, Elemere
  • Area Court 1, Kanbi Oloru
  • Area Court 1, Bacita
  • Area Court 1, Share
  • Area Court 1, Kosubosu
  • Area Court 1, Kaiama
  • Area Court 1, Yashikira
  • Area Court 1, Ilesha Baruba
  • Area Court 1, Gwanara
  • Area Court 1, Shonga
  • Area Court 1, Pategi
  • Area Court 1, Lade
  • Area Court 1, Shao
  • Area Court 1, Iponrin
  • Area Court 1, Omupo
  • Area Court 1, Irra
  • Area Court 1, Okuta
  • Area Court 1, Tsaragi

Shari’ah Court of Appeal

Shari’ah Court of Appeal

The Sharia Court of Appeal is presided over by a Grand Khadi who is assisted by other Khadis. Recognized as a federal court of appeals under the government of Nigeria, the Sharia Court of Appeals exists within the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria and is a part of the Unified Courts System.

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