Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development


An education system that provides inclusive, qualitative Education and high-level manpower training for sustainable growth, development, self-reliance and life-long learning by improving the quality of teaching in primary and secondary schools and technical skill acquisition centres through the provision of affordable qualitative and quantitative education to its citizenry at various stages in their development.


The mission of the Ministry is to attain a high level of literacy and numeracy standard in Basic and Senior Secondary Schools in the state. This is achievable by improving teaching staff quality and by ensuring quality educational opportunities in conformity with national standard and to develop productive, competent and responsible citizens.


  • Formulation of education policies at primary and secondary schools
  • Establishment and development of Educational Institutions
  • Management and Supervision of Educational Institutions
  • Development and implementation of School’s Curricula
  • Inspection of Educational Establishments
  • Ensuring High Educational Standards at all levels
  • Conducting various Internal and External Examinations
  • Special Education and Education of the Handicapped
  • Registration of Teachers
  • Educational Guidance and Counseling
  • Organization of Schools Sports Programmes
  • Educational Research and Planning
  • Educational Research Center

Committed to providing quality education to the citizens of Kwara

Our Leaders have prioritized the role initiating, formulating and the implementation of general policies and strategies of the State Government in the Education sector. These policies and strategies are tailored towards achieving the goals and objectives set by the State Government.

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