#KwaraWaterUpdate: Assessment Visit to Ilorin Metropolis

Fri ,November, 22 2019

Good day Kwarans:

A few days ago, a civic group called ENETSUD posted some videos of persons who claimed that there was no improvement in water supply to Taiwo Isale and some other areas in the (Ilorin) metropolis. They claimed there has been no difference in the situation of water, notwithstanding government’s efforts.

We noticed that none of the pipes was switched on in those videos. The government, which seeks to serve the public, felt concerned about such review because it clearly contradicts the field report the government was privy to.

Consequently, the Office of the CPS, joined by the Kwara State Water Corporation, decided to conduct field assessments of the situation and the videos below speak to the situation of water in the affected areas, especially in Taiwo Isale, Sakamo, Niger Road, and Emir’s Road (all in Ilorin).

This is without prejudice to some challenges of leaking pipes, rampant and unlawful erection of buildings on the setbacks meant for water pipes, and the fact that rationing is still being done as the government tries to meet the water need of the people. Also, certain parts of the metropolis are currently not getting water because of the ongoing repair works at the Diamond Underpass.

We aren’t claiming that there are no challenges, still. There are. But we urge the people to be as objective as possible to allow for correct assessment of situations at all times.

Thank you!