Kwara State is one of the 36 states that make up the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. Kwara State shares her boundaries with the Republic of Benin at her West and the Niger River at her North.

The capital city of Kwara State, Ilorin, is situated 306km inland from the coastal city of Lagos and 500km from the federal capital, Abuja. Major towns include Ilorin, Offa, and Jebba, located on the Niger River. Other towns include Patigi, Erin-lIe, lIoffa, Adeleke Igbewere, Ejidongari, Osi, Lafiagi, Gure, Afon, Kaiama, Isanlu-lsin, Omu-Aran, Egbejila, lIota, Iponrin and Igbaja.

Kwara State was created in May 1967, as one of the first of 12 states to replace the nation’s four regions. Originally the state was known as West Central State but the name was changed to Kwara, a local name for the Niger River. The size of the state has been reduced over the years, as new states have been created within the federation. The total landmass of Kwara State today is 32 500 square kilometers.

Kwara State is known as ‘The State of Harmony’ on account of the peaceful relations that exist among its multicultural and diverse population of about 2.5 million people. Followers of the three great religious faiths to be found in Nigeria, Islam, Christianity and traditional, coexist within the state.


Facts and Figures

Capital:                          Ilorin

Area:                             36,825 km

Population:                     2,591,555 (2005 est.)

Major Languages:            Yoruba, Ebira, Nupe, and Hausa.

Governor:                       Abdulfatah Ahmed (APC)

Date Created:                  27th May 1967

Population Rank:             Ranked 31st