The Legislative Arm of the Government called the State House of Assembly is the law-making body, which consists of elected members from different constituencies. The State House of Assembly is headed by a Speaker, who is supported by the Deputy Speaker. There are twenty four House of Assembly members in the State.

kwhaThe House of Assembly is saddled with the responsibilities of making laws for the good governance of the State. The House of Assembly is made up of several specialized Committees whose work focus on aspects of national life.

The Power of the State Assembly to make laws is exercised through bills passed by the House, and assented to by the Governor. A bill may originate from either house of the Assembly but cannot become law until it has been passed by both Houses and assented to by the President.

Kwara State House of Assembly, like other Houses of Assembly in the country, derives its powers and functions, from section 4 subsections 6 and 7 of 1999 constitution ( as amended ). It is founded by the Executive arms of government through annual budgets in line with guide lines on expenditures provided by revenue mobilization allocation fiscal commission (RMAFAC). The House is guided by the 1999 constitution (as amended) and the House Rules conducting it day to day businesses.

The practice is that political parties contest elections in the sixteen (16) L.G.As for the twenty four (24) seats in the Kwara State House of Assembly, for the 24 constituencies of the state. The House is always inaugurated through a proclamation issued by the executive governor of the state calling for the first plenary session/sitting of the parliament.

At that first sitting the clerk of the House takes the registration of the successful Hon. Member-elect at the polls and screens the Returns of writ issued by Kwara State Independent Electoral Commission .After the roll call, election is conducted during the first plenary session for the position of the speaker and the Deputy Speaker. The election is presided ovekwara-house-of-assembly-complexr by the Clerk who then swears in the speaker of the House. Thereafter the Deputy Speaker is equally sworn in by the Clerk of the House.

The swearing –in of other members-elect would follow and this will be administered by the speaker of the House. Then there is the appointment of the principal officers, in this case, The Majority Leader, The Deputy majority leader, the chief whip, The Deputy Chief whip and The Majority Leader Of the House which is determined by the strength of the parties the House. The stability of democracy in Kwara State has on undoubtedly enhanced the quality of legislative functions of the House owing largely to the cooperation, understanding and harmonious relationship among the three (3) arms of Government. It is worthy of note that the Kwara State House of Assembly is one of the few House of Assembly in the country that as not witnessed the impeachment of its Speaker to date.

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