Kwara State is open to Real Estate investors looking to register properties within the state.

Property Registration in Kwara

Property registration within Kwara State is the sole responsibility of the Physical Planning Authority (PPA)

Property Registration Requirements:

Submit Application to the PPA with the following requirements;

  • Architectural plan
  • Title deed; C of O
  • Survey plan
  • Payment of Assessment fee
  • Inspection fee

Steps to Property Registration:

  • Apply to the state government.
  • Submit an architectural plan for approval and obtain a provisional building permit
  • Submit and obtain structural plan approval and final building permit
  • Obtain a project report from an environmental expert
  • Obtain approval of the Environmental Impact study

Complete requirements for Construction/Building Permit:

Here is a checklist of documents that should accompany each duly completed application before registration:

  • Purchase of Application Forms
  • Payment of Assessment and Inspection Fee
  • Submission of Application Document;
    • Architectural Drawing/Plan
    • Structural/Engineering Drawing
    • Survey plan
    • Current Tax Clearance Certificate
    • Title Document;
      • Original Owners (Certificate of Occupancy, CLO/traditional ruler Approval etc) Secondary Owners (Certificate of Occupancy, Registered deed, Governor’s consent)
    • Environmental Impact Statement Report for all commercial and industrial development
    • Soil Test Deposit Prepared by a qualified Engineer for buildings in excess of 10meters height

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